All students to Chaumont Poster Design Contest Entry for spring of 2014

Happy 21st Birthday Bryan

Chien Parisien
feat. Chewbie

Mock Magazine Cover for Rinse hair magazine 

For Berta:

thank you for lending me your photos.

This was my first design project. 
it was supposed to be a collage reminiscent of  the ones done by Simmons & Burke

i was thinking of making this the back cover of my new book. 
now i’m thinking i may just make it the front.

i’ll think on it some more. 

Mock Poster for Acne Studios®


We made you aware of the three collaborations that we have planned for 2013, and while we are working on all three of them simultaneously, we can announce that the first of these collaborations, featuring the works of graphic artist francotron, will be available in our store exclusivelfor the Spring/Summer 2013 season, and will be unveiled shortly before that, on a date to be determined and announced.

The collaboration will feature both t-shirts and crewnecks.

We are very much excited about this collaboration along with our other ones, hence the possibly seizure inducing graphic.

(We apologize in advance.)

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